Launch Your eCommerce Business

Follow my step by step guide to building your site from scratch in WordPress or Magento platforms.

Rank Organically Using the SBL System®

Proven SEO methodology that works with Fortune 500 companies that can propel your site higher in search results.

Achieve Financial Freedom

My course is designed for you to obtain financial freedom and living the digital marketing lifestyle. If you don't succeed, I don't succeed.

Over 50 Hours of Video

Packed into one course, this digital marketing masterclass takes you from start to finish, from incorporation to ecommerce launch to payroll services.

The Only Complete Digital Marketing Masterclass Taught by a Fortune 500 Consultant That Will Help Not Only Show You How to Launch Your eCommerce Business But Also How To Market It Successfully

What You Will Achieve

Complete Control

Owning your own ecommerce business means you're in control of your own destiny.  You'll have the benefit of determining how much money you make and when you make it. You're in control of your entire work/life balance, not someone else!

Financial Freedom

The freedom you'll experience extends beyond just controlling your destiny. It means financial freedom to achieve your life long dreams of wealth.  Perhaps it means paying off debt or paying for your childs education. Everyone has the ability to achieve financial freedom if they follow my proven steps to launching your ecommerce business.

Building Something

Make no mistake about it, you've already convinced yourself that by finding this page, you're an entrepreneur at heart.  Not many people have that burning passion that we have.  The thrill of building something should be embraced and it fulfills your happiness both mentally and physically.

Helping Others

When you build your ecommerce business from scratch you not only are achieving financial success for yourself, but your actions indirectly impact others, from distribution, to product creators, to graphic designers.  When your successful, you also make others successful and that's important in life and should never be overlooked!

What You'll Learn

  • eCommerce Platforms

    Step by step guide to using Magento, WordPress, and other ecommerce platforms.

  • Retarget Customers

    How to offer discounts to customers that left products in their shopping cart in your store.

  • Bootstrapping

    How to save thousands in development and design fees by doing it yourself.

  • Optimize Your Site

    Boost your rankings by using the latest SEO strategies the Fortune 500 companies use!

How to Launch an eCommerce Site using WordPress or Magento
When and Where to Seek Outsourcing Help
How to Create Your Own Private Label Products
How to Create Your Own Logo Design for Pennies on the Dollar
How to Buy Products for Cheap from China
How to Negotiate Better Pricing for Better Discounts from Your Supplier
Pricing Your Product - Pricing Does NOT Matter with This One Trick!
Saturate Google with Multiple Sites for Double the Sales!
Domain Name Strategies
The Basics of Web Hosting
How to Choose a Host
How to Install WordPress on Your Host
What Plugins You Should Install

Google Local
Learn how local search differs from national search
Claim your business listing with no website
Learn About NAP and Why It's Important
Gather Business Reviews for Better Rankings
Analyze Traffic from Your Local Market
How Voice Search Is Taking Over Local Search
How to Conduct Keyword Research
Optimize for Speed (Because its a ranking factor!!)
Title Tags - Still the most important element
How to Spy On Your Competitors
Content - Everything You Need to Know
Domain Authority - Why it's important for link building
Tools for SEO - What You Need and How to Use it
Hosting - What to Look for and Why its Important
XML Sitemaps - Boosting Your Visibility
404 Errors - Understanding Error Codes
HTTPS - Its 2019 and You Should be Secure
Page Speed - How to Change Elements on Page
Schema Markup
Technical Auditing

How to Launch Your Corporation
Creating a Business Plan is for the Birds
How to Incorporate Your Business from Start to Finish
How to Obtain Clients (even for introverts!!)
Using Google to Spot Downtrends and When to Exit

Why Learn From Me?

Experience Matters

Over 15 years of online marketing experience that includes:

Successfully launched an eCommerce business that competed with sites like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and BestBuy which created over $500,000 in sales in 9 months (which you'll get to read about in this course!)

Built a private label sports supplement business from the ground up using the latest marketing strategies from remarketing to email marketing.

Owner of the Digital Marketing Association of Charlotte, the longest running group in North Carolina.

Co-Founded Search Exchange, an internet marketing conference based in Charlotte and was one of the first east coast search marketing conferences beyond SMX and Pubcon.

Taught by a Fortune 500 Consultant and eCommerce Entrepreneur

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